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Basic Business Writing Guidelines 


Organizing ideas: 


•Addition: Also, as well, furthermore, moreover, additionally, etc…
•Contrast: But, although, however, etc…
•Sequence: First of all, then, after that, when, while, etc…
Be sure that all language (phrases, vocabulary) is appropriate for the type of writing. I.e. formal letters should be written formally, whereas notes can be less formal and use contractions.


•Addressed to groups or individuals.
•In a more formal style.
•No omission of words or abbreviations.
•Formal style of address.
•Use of job titles.



•Addressed to an individual.
•Informal style.
•Short in length.
•Abbreviations used.
•Contractions used.
•Omission of subjects, auxiliaries, and articles.
•Use of first names.



•Not addressed to anyone in particular.
•Formal style.
•No contractions.
•No abbreviations.



•Style is dependant on relationship with recipient.
•Can be short.
•Can contain contractions.
•Can contain characteristics of spoken English.

Correspondence: The style of a correspondence letter is dependent on several factors, one being your relationship to the recipient. Depending on your relationship, this can cause differences in salutations and language usage.




•Formal style. (Proper spacing, headings, and references, no indentation).

•Formal style of address. (addresse on the left, your heading on the right.)

•Formal language.
oProper salutations.
oFormal vocabulary.
oNo contractions.
oFormal business abbreviations only. [Re, enc (below job title as needed), etc...]

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